Advantages and possibilities of the interior of the dome

Dome to live in – glamping dome

The geodesic dome is a solid structure that withstands heavy loads, strong winds, rain, snow and other natural hazards. Therefore, it is an ideal place to live in.

Dome isn’t just a frame covered with awning material. This is a self-contained dwelling suitable to use at any time of the year. For all this we need to thank our faithful friend thermo membrane. COSMO DOME’s carefully selected raw materials and our exclusive attention to detail also contribute to this.

Residential domes are equipped with partial or full installation optionally.

These domes can become not only a summer refreshment, but also a winter paradise in nature. Due to its safety and maintenance of optimal temperatures, it is a great choice for everyone. No matter who You are, dear reader – family member, tourist or businessman, COSMO DOME is ready to take care of You.

glamping kupolas
glamping kupolas
glamping kupolai

Dome with partial installation

• frame;
• dome cover;
• insulated sole;
• terrace (at the request of the client);
• thermal membrane – protection against heat in summer, in winter this insulation acts as protection against heat loss, sound insulation;
• interior textile finishing.

Dome with full installation

• all parts described in list of dome with partial installation;
• plumbing system installation;
• electricity installation;
• cooling and heating systems;
• air conditioning system;
• the multifunctional module integrated inside the dome. The module consists of: bathroom, kitchen space, furniture. Second floor (loft) – a separate sleeping area.
• fireplace;


Thermo membrane

First layer of interior decoration.

  • An essential feature of this material is the reflection of sunlight.
  • This material has as many as 24 layers that maintain the optimal temperature at any time of the year. Protects against heat in summer and protects against heat loss during winter.
  • Perfectly insulates sound. This ensures a peaceful rest and restored strength for You and Your loved ones.

Interior textile finishing

Second layer of interior decoration

  • This finishing layer gives the dome a special coziness. It is also a great tool for absorbing echo and acting as an additional protection against heat and cold.
  • We have an abundant selection of colours and materials. They are very reminiscent of cotton and linen in their texture and softness..
  • The textile finishing materials used in COSMO DOME stand out for their durability..
  • Resistant to liquids (wine, water, coffee) and dirt, so it is extremely easy to clean.
  • These materials are also ECO FRIENDLY to not only take care of You but also of the world we live in. We give priority to the well-being of our planet, just like we prioritize You, dear reader, because this is our home. This is one of the core values ​​of COSMO DOME.

Dome exterior

Compatibility of frame materials and dome cover

As mentioned earlier, we pay special attention to details. Compatibility of materials and awnings is no exception. In this short description and table You will find out what works best with what. After responsibly testing each available material, we obtained the following results:

  • PVC tent fits perfectly with wooden, galvanised metal and stainless steel frames. Not compatible with aluminium profile.
  • Polycarbonate is perfect for mounting on wooden and aluminium profile frames.
  • Tempered glass can be mounted on wooden and aluminium profile frames.

our domes


Roof top dome

Quadrum bussines center rooftop dome.


Outdoor class

The 28 sq / m dome is designed for outdoor classes.


"Skywoods Glamping"

The dome created out of love for Lithuanian nature.

Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

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