Why it is important to pay attention to the technology of dome production?

Durable domes

The wisdom on the following pages is specifically prepared to make Your choice as light and easy as a fluff in the air. Here You will find a detailed description of possible dome frame component of the dome with the essential properties of the raw materials we have and find out what works best with what.

So the COSMO DOME team invites You to settle in comfortably and embark on a journey during which You will find the dome of your dreams.

kupolu gamyba

wooden domes

Beech wood – the main properties

We use German beech wood, which is equivalent to oak in its resistance and strength.

The beech used at COSMO DOME is also coated with organic WOCA oil from Denmark. This makes it extremely resistant to environmental influences, especially moisture.

Beech wood is carefully processed. The edges of its parts are rounded and sanded. This supports natural air ventilation, ensures safety and dramatically extends the life of this raw material.

We use starred black steel connection points, which are extremely strong, steely and resistant to various temperatures and weather elements.

Šis medinis rėmas reikalauja priežiūros (rekomenduojame kas 5 metus tikrinti stovį bei perdažyti), kurią COSMO DOME gali suteikti.

This wooden frame requires maintenance (we recommend to check the condition and repaint every 5 years), which COSMO DOME can provide.

It is also worth mentioning that the frame made of beech wood stands out from the crowd with its appearance and creates a feeling of naturalness and coziness.

Galvanized steel dome frame

Exquisiteness and properties

extremely resistant to moisture, so the metal coated with zinc does not rust (corrosion protection)

Galvanized metal is an ecological raw material with a long service life.

Galvanized metal also protects and strengthens the surface of the dome. Galvanizing gives elasticity to the metal and makes it resistant to mechanical impact.

The modern zinc coating technologies used in the Cosmo Dome guarantee a perfect product even after several decades.

It is the most popular, cheapest and easiest construction to implement.

Stainless steel domes

Stainless steel dome features and exquisitiness

This raw material has many useful properties. One of the main ones is longevity (50 – 60 years).

Stainless steel is also extremely safe due to its fire resistance.

Stainless steel is a hygienic raw material, perfect for use in the restaurant, cafe and pharmaceutical sectors.

Varnished or polished stainless steel also acquires corrosion resistance. This makes this raw material ideal for wet and saline areas, such as near a body of water.

Unlike galvanized, which can be scratched (as a result of which it can start to rust), stainless steel is eternal.

Aluminum dome frame

Features and exquisitiness of the aluminum profile dome

This lightweight metal has an excellent property – a reliable conductor of electricity and heat.

The construction of the aluminum profile dome is perfectly suited for the installation of tempered and organic glass fibers.

When aluminum reacts with oxygen in the air, a very thin layer of oxide is formed. Due to its density, this layer is extremely resistant to corrosion. The resistance of aluminum increases even more at low temperatures.

We perform sealing (reduction or complete removal of joints).

implemented projects

Aluminum frame dome

The oldest park in Lithiuania

The city of Panevezis

Beech wood domes

Sushi restaurant

The city of Zarasai

Galvanized steel frame domes

Dome complex

Dome for family’s entertainment and celebrations

Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

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