How To Find Your Way In The Abundant Sea Of Choices


Advantages, Possibilities

In these times of endless information, it can be harder than ever for You to find the right option. But do not be sad, we are here to ease this burden and help You to figure out in which case and what dome is Your best option. Here You will get acquainted with the wide selection of domes, the advantages and possibilities of components and materials.

Would you like to know what exactly gives dome longevity and in general “what is what” in this area? If Your answer is yes, read on, my Friend. The decision is in Your hands and we are here to make it easy. Let the further pages be like a compass to You, like a guiding star leading the way towards the dome of Your dreams.

glamping dome

Dome with PVC awning

PVC awning

PVC tent (Polyvinyl chloride – material coated on both sides with acrylic varnish and reinforced with polyester threads).

This German-made awning is unique in a way that You can stay inside it as much as You want, dear reader. Unlike an ordinary tent, it does not emit pollutants into the environment. This makes it extremely safe for You, Your family or friends.

COSMO DOME gives You the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of our color palette.

It is also possible to mix colours and create Your own individual option. All this opens up a wide range of opportunities of branding for Your business.

The main features of the PVC awning dome cover

  • Economic option that is easily restored.
  • PVC awning is compatible with wooden, galvanized and stainless steel frames.
  • We can offer transparent and tinted awnings made in Japan. Tinted PVC awning protects from ultraviolet rays and is frost resistant.
  • Tined PVC awning creates a sense of privacy due to reduced external visibility.
  • Tined PVC awning usually used to cover the transparent part of any dome, but it is possible to make the dome entirely transparent if necessary.
  • It looks absolutely stunning!!
glass dome

Dome with polycarbonate cover

Plexiglas (polycarbonate)

Plexiglas – polycarbonate. This coating is compatible with wooden and aluminum profile frames.
We recommend plexiglass domes in the public sector when there is a higher risk of vandalism.

  • Super safe and durable.
  • This raw material also has a high light transmittance (as much as 88%).
  • Polycarbonate is extremely resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemicals.
  • Also, this plexiglass is extremely strong – even 10 times more impact resistant than acrylic.
  • This material requires constant maintenance.
glass dome

Dome with tempered glass cover

Tempered glass

Tempered glass is only compatible with wood and aluminum profile frames.

  • Compared to ordinary glass, tempered is much safer and more impact resistant. As this raw material is heat-treated and fortified, it will take a great effort to damage it.
  • Tempered glass is up to 5 times more heat resistant than ordinary and is able to withstand an impressive 250 degrees of heat.
  • So, dear reader, if safety is Your first priority, then this mighty one is just for You.

cosmo domes

Tempered glass dome

Public park

Panevezys city park

wooden dome

Sushi restaurant

Zarasai Observation Deck

plexiglass dome


Roof top dome

Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

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