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On the roof top

From time immemorial, man dreams of rising high like a bird and soaring like a eagle. The domes of the Cosmo Dome also rise above the hustle and bustle of the city, above the people in a hurry, for you, dear Reader, to stop in a hurry.

Increasingly common dome projects on the roof. Why people choose such a solution? What influences the desire to have a dome high on the roof?

  • High away from the hustle and bustle, the views are visible only to the bird’s eye.
  • The images that open up are soothing and inspiring.
  • Saves space in densely populated areas.
  • A separate, cozy lounge area for gatherings of friends and family.


The Cosmo Dome team designs and builds domes exclusively according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

The design of this dome is a great proof of this statement – the dome is designed specifically for the customer’s available free space on the roof. The task is to design a dome of non-standard size, creating the largest useful area.

Construction: 25m2, 5,7m diameter, 3,2m height.
Frame: Galvanized steel.
Dome cover: Transparent, tinned PVC awning.
Doors: pastic, lockable doors.
Additionaly: Temomembrane without inner textile finish. This coating covers the most sun-exposed part of the dome.

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Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

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